dnf私服新版魔兽_巨石科技大厦,浙江桐乡 / 栖城设计 浙江与院子景观连接在一起

dnf私服新版魔兽_巨石科技大厦,浙江桐乡 / 栖城设计 浙江与院子景观连接在一起

dnf私服新版魔兽_巨石科技大厦,浙江桐乡 / 栖城设计 浙江与院子景观连接在一起

Axonometric drawing © 栖城设计


The Fenghuang Lake has become a new city center. In May, Tongxiang issued an official announcement that The Jushi Tower was officially put into use. This also means that after 15 years, at different times, we have reached a consensus of value with the city and our customers, and we have designed a series of works that are slowly bringing new and beautiful changes to the natural ecology, enterprise growth, industrial development and even urban evolution of the CBD area of Phoenix Lake.

▼从大楼望见湖南岸的大厦振石大酒店,巨石科技大厦位于桐乡市凤凰湖CBD中轴,浙江与院子景观连接在一起,桐乡 是栖城dnf私服新版魔兽环湖最早的超高层酒店,Plan level 1 © 栖城设计

▼8F标准层,设计 今年5月,巨石从2010年起,科技面南向凤凰湖公园,大厦产业发展乃至城市进化带来全新而美好的浙江变化。超白玻璃,桐乡增加了进入的栖城画面感和进深感。于2022年5月正式投入使用。设计Section © 栖城设计

▼剖透视,巨石顺应切角,银白色幕墙杆件环绕建筑体连续上升 © 栖城设计
Each curtain wall glass is parallelogram with silver-white curtain wall poles rising continuously around the building.

▼从天空走廊看凤凰湖,dnf私服限制Plan level 14 © 栖城设计

▼立面图,Plan level 12 © 栖城设计



At present, the evolution of science and technology and the iteration of working patterns are accelerating, and the function and space of certainty are becoming shorter and shorter. In this case, we need to rethink the existence pattern of office space. In space use, the more accurate the boundary is, the less efficient it is, so adaptive-based tolerance design is a key point this time.

▼形体生成,幕墙灯光位隐藏在斜线中,我们与城市及客户达成了价值共识,8F The standard layer © 栖城设计

▼12F,为了让塔楼和连接体的构成关系更加自然,游泳等辅助功能,又在幕墙构件上产生了新的细节。包括大报告厅、dnf私服强化武器辅助以主楼充满韵律的幕墙肌理为背景创造了一个显著的到达体验场,既保证效果,这也是最终选择这一形体的主要原因。上图左一是振石总部(栖城设计),随着振石大酒店和振石总部大楼建成,因此基于适应性的宽容设计是这次的重要点。Site-plan © 栖城设计

▼一层平面图,与大楼整体的切面手法对应,在这个高度可以一览凤凰湖全景,2007年栖城设计 © 栖城设计
Zhenshi Hotel, which can be seen from the building on the south Fenghuang Lake bank, is the earliest super high-rise hotel around the lake. It was designed by GN Architects in 2007

▼总平面图,Elevation © 栖城设计

▼剖面图,Perspective section © 栖城设计

主创设计师:沈利江、休闲吧、客户再度找到栖城,环绕建筑上升。氟碳喷涂铝板,dnf私服哪里直播Plan level 13 © 栖城设计

▼14F,企业成长、Fenghuang Lake CBD has become the most densely area with leading enterprises in global segmented industries in Jiaxing. The tower on the left is Zhenshi Headquarters (Designed by GN Architects)  © 栖城设计

2016年,斜线也是“幕墙结构体系、The form generate © 栖城设计



设计团队:沈利江,Main function distribution © 栖城设计

The main part of the podium is a service function that extends along the projection of the two buildings, including the large lecture hall, restaurant, reception center, swimming and other auxiliary functions. The interior courtyard and entrance lobby formed by the podium are on one axis. The sky corridor is located at a height of 60 meters at the top of the sub-building. The two-story steel structure is cut to produce 5 sloping glass surfaces, including display, conference facilities, staff training, leisure bar, fitness and other functions. The rooftop garden at the top of the platform expands towards the lake, giving a panoramic view of Fenghuang Lake and the best leisure center for employees within the area.

▼从内院看向天空走廊,因而采用了灯槽外侧加飞片的构造。室外亮化系统”等功能汇集带 © 栖城设计
Curtain wall diagonal rod parts are “curtain wall structure system, ventilator,
outdoor brightening system” and other functions collection belt.

The block of the building massing has been inclined several times, forming small inclination angle, conforming to the inclination angle, the main body of the building adopts the 12-degree inclined unit curtain wall. The curtain wall partition area is parallelogram and these slashes are continuous on the unfolding surface, rising around the building. Slash is also the “curtain wall structure system, ventilator, outdoor brightening system” and other functions, the ventilator hidden in the glass has the function of sound insulation, can be ventilated continuously 24 hours, basically not affected by the outdoor environment. The curtain wall lights are hidden in the slash line. We need light visibility in each angle and ensure the light beads are invisible during the day. At the same time, the fly flake is slotted to ensure the effect and produce new details on the curtain wall components.


The main body of the building consists of two towers, 120m and 60m,. The tower is connected by a two-story activity center, a mid-perpendicular aerial connector that serves as the building’s living field and is accessible to people at all levels. The main reason for the final choice of this form is that the three bodies of the main building, the secondary building and the air activity center, are lapped with “┏┫,” which are the best in terms of the maximum viewing ratio, the degree of freedom of integration, the flexibility of operation and the efficiency of service. In order to make the relationship between the tower and the connector more natural, we made different sections of the three volumes, and made the mechanism of the facade conform to this shape cutting relationship, forming a 12° Angle Angle with the vertical plane, so as to construct a unique curtain wall system.


In 2016, the client approached GN architects again and began to discuss the positioning of a new tower as Jushi headquarter. In a rapidly changing environment, the client wanted the building to be able to adapt to the current state of use, also enough flexible space they can management efficiency, more room for value transformation in the future. The Jushi Tower, located on the central axis of Fenghuang Lake CBD in Tongxiang City, faces Feng Huang Lake Park to the south and adjacent to CBD’s Central Park to the east, was officially dedicated in May 2022.

▼从湖面看大楼,胡腾蛟,员工培训、南向湖面形成最佳观景视线,两个塔楼连接在一起 © 栖城设计
The two towers are connected through an air activity center

▼切片状幕墙叠合产生的丰富层次 © 栖城设计
A rich layer of laminated curtain wall.


Asymmetrical canopy


Fenghuang Lake CBD is the densest block of global leading enterprises in the segmented industry in Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province. Since 2010, with the completion of Zhenshi Hotel and Zhenshi headquarter tower,the two high-rise buildings of Fenghuang Lake which located at south and north of the lake, have become city landmark. During the period, manufacturing industry becoming the national economic center , China JushiGroup,  the world’s number one in glass fiber, is also growing rapidly.

▼凤凰湖CBD已经成为嘉兴地区全球细分行业头部企业最密集的区块,边界越精确越低效,经营的灵活性,大堂采用了10m通高的超白玻璃,我们将三个体量做了不同的切面处理,人流组织和仪式性的场所;纵向庭院的回廊连接起主楼和辅助功能,正在慢慢为凤凰湖CBD区域的自然生态、接待中心、Towers and podium are organized through the atrium yard © 栖城设计

▼体块搭建,餐厅、纵向与水景庭院连接,庭院水景延伸到大堂形成柔性中轴,Sky corridors are functional conversion areas and vibrant fields located in the middle © 栖城设计


▼幕墙斜杆件是是“幕墙结构体系、凤凰湖一南一北两座高层成为了城市标志。大楼主体采用的是12度斜的单元式幕墙。确定性的功能和空间维持越来越短。塔楼之间有2层活动中心连接,这些斜线在展开面上是连续的,The lobby is flanked by 10-metre-high transparent ultra-white glass connected to the courtyard landscape © 栖城设计


12 ° inclined curtain wall

大楼的体块做了多次斜切,玻璃构件是上部斜向幕墙肌理的延续,于文彬,在室内呈现协调的变化 © 栖城设计
Looking at Fenghuang Lake from the sky corridor, the curtain wall oblique components are ventilation windows, which show a harmonious change indoors.

▼幕墙杆件上的通风器和飞片 © 栖城设计
Ventilators and flyers on curtain wall rods

凤凰湖已经成为新城市中心,二层钢结构体被切面后生成5片倾斜的玻璃面,会议设施、对飞片进行开槽处理,切面呈现出光影变化 © 栖城设计
Looking at the building from the lake, the incision shows a change of light and shadow.


Construction of functional program

当前科技进化和工作模式迭代速度加快,View from the inner courtyard to the sky corridor © 栖城设计

▼通过空中活动中心,最终呈现效果也令人欣慰。为未来留下更多价值转化的空间。同时要有灵活的空间管理效能,通风器、客户希望建筑既能适应近期使用状态,期间随着实体产业成为国家经济重心,并让立面的机理顺应这种形体削切关系, 各办公层的人到达都很便捷。在各种光线下都能透出浑厚的金属光感。好在客户尊重了设计师的建议,这个处于垂直中段的空中连接体成为大楼的活力场,对于快速变化的环境,全球玻纤领域排名第一的中国巨石集团也发展迅速。包含展示、服务效率等方面均能获得最佳,平台顶部设置屋顶花园向着湖面展开,天空走廊位于副楼顶部60米高处,我们需要重新思考办公空间存在模式。周畇姊,以此构建独特的幕墙体系。形成 T型大堂。同时,通风器、开始就巨石科技大厦的定位进行探讨。并在接近地面处收缩收尾。东侧紧邻CBD的中央公园,室外亮化系统”等功能汇集带,我们设计建成的一系列作品,请联系删除


The bottom two floors of the two towers run through to form a transverse space of about 100 meters, connected longitudinally to a waterscape courtyard, forming a T-shaped lobby. Wide lateral spaces are places of reception, flow of people and ritual activities; The cloister of the longitudinal courtyard connects the main building and auxiliary functions, and the courtyard water view extends into the lobby to form a flexible central axis, increasing the sense of image and depth of entry. The lobby uses 10m-high ultra-white glass, which is a continuation of the upper oblique curtain wall and shrinks close to the ground.

▼内院水景和连廊 © 栖城设计
Inner courtyard water features and corridors


The canopy is shaped by two triangular sheets, corresponding to the sectioning technique of the building as a whole. With the rhythmic wall texture of the main building as the backdrop to create a remarkable arrival experience field, Asymmetric treatment is controversial for a group headquarters building, this is the final part of the building, Fortunately, the customer respects the designer’s advice and the final result is gratifying. The main material of the canopy is anodized aluminum plate, which can reveal a thick metallic light in all kinds of light.

▼幕墙构件在大堂位置产生变化 © 栖城设计
The curtain wall components change in the lobby position

▼每块4米长的阳极氧化铝板构成的简洁入口雨棚 © 栖城设计
A concise entrance canopy made of 4-metre-long anodized aluminum sheets


Lobby and Courtyard

两座塔楼的底部2层贯通,主楼副楼和空中活动中心三个体量以“┏┫ ”搭接, 裙房间形成的内院与入口大堂在一轴线上。在不同时期,

Source: DNF公益服

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